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Calgary Underground Film Festival

August 2nd, 2021

Its CUFF time again and we here at The Film Cult Podcast are pleased to cover this years Calgary Underground Film Festival. 


Lloyd Kaufman director of Shakespeare's Shitstorm

Jasmine Stodel director of Kid Candidate (25:40)

Kyle Thomas director of Range Roads (40:15)

Christopher Boone & Kevin Smokler directors of Vinyl Nation (47:10)


other films mentioned:

Riders of Justice d. Anders Thomas Jensen

Summertime d. Carlos Lopez Estrada

Together Together d. Nikole Beckwith

Playdurizm d. Gem Deger

The Last Matinee d. Maximiliano Contenti

Laughter d. Martin Laroche

Fully Realized Humans d. Joshua Leonard

First Date d. Darren Knapp & Manuel Crosby

Vicious Fun d. Cody Calahan

Coming Home in the Dark d. James Ashcroft

Golden Arm d. Maureen Bharoocha


intro: The Smalls

outro: Zak Pashak and Chrome Chomsky

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