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Fantasia 2021

September 5th, 2021

The Film Cult Podcast is pleased to be coming to you from Montreal for the 25th anniversary of Fantasia. 



Mark O'Brien d. The Righteous

Mickey Reece d. Agnes


Film's mentioned:

Prisoners of the Ghostland d. Sion Sono

The Warped Forest d. Shunichiro Miki

Fireworks, Should We See It From The Side or the Bottom? d. Shunji Iwai

Wonderful Paradise d. Masashi Yamamoto

The Suicide Squad d. James Gunn

April Story d. Shunji Iwai

Act Of Violence In A Young Journalist d. Manuel Lamas

Hellbender d. Toby Poser & John Adams

Ida Red d. John Swab

Fruit d. Ivan Li

King Knight d. Richard Bates Jr.

The Lovers d. Avra Fox-Lerner

Progressive Touch d. Michael Portnoy



Intro: The Smalls

Outro: Zak Pashak and Chrome Chomsky

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